Writing About John Holt

The Education of John Holt by Mel Allen.

This warm and accurate portrait of Holt first appeared in Yankee Magazine, 1981.

Homeschooling and John Holt's Vision

An article by Pat Farenga that appeared in Challenging the Giant: The Best of SKOLE, the Journal of Alternative Education (1992).

John Holt Archive at the Boston Public Library.

June, 2011: These papers are still being cataloged so the archive is not yet open to the public.

John Holt by Roland Meighan.

In the Continuum Library of Educational Thought, Holt's volume takes its place next to Montessori, Dewey, and others who sought to make learning meaningful for students.

Introduction to Holt's Instead of Education

Pat Farenga puts Holt's polemic in context, then and now.

A Life Worth Living: Selected Letters of John Holt

Edited by Susannah Sheffer (Ohio State Univ. Press, 1990). Susannah's introduction is an excellent summary of Holt's life and work.

Foreword to Holt's The Underachieving School

The first printing of this book in over thirty years. It is amazing how little of this material is dated!