Free HoltGWS White Papers

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The Cuteness Syndrome, Kitchie-Kitchie-Coo And Other Problems by John Holt

This excerpt from John Holt’s book Escape From Childhood: The Needs and Rights of Children was published in MS. Magazine, March 1974. A new, complete electronic edition of Escape From Childhood is forthcoming from HoltGWS in late 2012.

The Cuteness Syndrome, Kitchie-Kitchie-Koo and Other Problems (1.22 Mb)

Homeschooler’s Who Do Not Go To College by Patrick Farenga

This article resonates with the realities of higher education in 2012. The reasons these homeschoolers chose for not attending college and what they did instead are thoughtful and inspiring. Originally published in Home Education Magazine, September/October 1991.

Homeschoolers Who Do Not Go To College (1.43 Mb)